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Wenzhou Ouhai Zhiyong Grinding Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of grinding machines and polishing machines. The company mainly produces double-sided grinding and polishing machine. The company's introduction of production equipment and quality testing equipment, from the purchase of raw materials, production, testing, sales of the whole process of management are using strict quality standards. From the beginning of the company to create a stable and reliable product quality, efficient and scientific management, integrity and quality service by the industry's attention.

The CNC double-sided grinding and polishing machine is suitable for high precision workpiece excircle, plane and polishing. Such as various materials of mechanical seal ring, ceramic grinding, cylinder piston ring, oil pump blades and silicon, germanium, quartz crystal, graphite, sapphire, copper, aluminum and other metal materials, engineering plastics, such as outer circle, plane grinding and polishing.

The company's external processing ceramic grinding, porcelain tube cylindrical polishing, engineering plastics, automotive oil pump seals, etc.

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High precision workpiece outer circle

High precision workpiece plane

high precision workpiece polishing

Nowadays, in the face of fierce competition, enterprises implement the strategy of "quality prosperity" and "everyone's prosperity and cooperation. Adhering to the "credibility of survival, in good faith and cooperation; quality and competition, in order to develop" purpose. strength ", we will actively narrow the coast, improve quality, and develop new products. We are here to guarantee that we will provide new and old customers with more competitive and higher quality goods based on common interests and benefits.

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Create wealth for the society and realize the value of employees


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Challenge the future and go beyond yourself.


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make full use of favorable factors and seize opportunities

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